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Experience an incredible adventure among automotive enthusiasts at Retro Motor Show. Become part of the Retro Motor Show fair, which we create together during the vintage car exhibition!

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About the fair

This is not just another event. It's an incredible journey through automotive history. A time machine to the past that will reveal memories from your childhood and more. Retro Motor Show, year after year, showcases a unique class where you'll see models that will make your heart beat faster and bring tears of nostalgia to your eyes. It's one of the biggest classic car events of the year. During the previous journey to childhood memories, over 25,000 people visited the MTP Poznań Expo. It included both classic car enthusiasts and professionals from the automotive industry. This year, it will gather key figures from collectors of vintage cars to media and companies specializing in vehicle care.




Benefits of being an exhibitor

- You will present your offers or products to a large group of classic car enthusiasts with precisely defined interests.
- Increase brand/organization recognition among audiences interested in automotive and retro styles.
- Gain visibility through extensive media coverage of the event.
- Establish contact with new customers who have substantial purchasing power.

Each of you has the opportunity to be part of our journey. The fair showcases a wide variety of vehicles that attract crowds of enthusiasts to the MTP Poznań Expo year after year, with the collection growing each edition. The only thing missing to complete our history is you and your products or vehicle collections.


Who can become an exhibitor?

Any company associated with classic automotive can become an exhibitor. For example, companies specializing in vehicle restoration, production of car care products, sales, or even museums. However, it's not limited to these; if you own a retro vehicle in your garage, you can also become a part of our history at the Retro Motor Show in Poznań.



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